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DT in Year 2


Autumn Term 1


This half term, we have explored nutrition and food as part of our design and technology learning. The children completed research on healthy eating, a balanced diet and the NHS Eatwell Guide to develop deeper understanding about nutritional values. 

Following this, the children were given the task of "creating a healthy street food with environmentally friendly packaging". 

For this activity, the children decided to melt some chocolate and mold it around a small plastic cup to create an edible cup, ensuring their packaging would be environmentally friendly. 


The children designed a smoothie made from bananas, raspberries and chocolate. As part of their DT curriculum, the children were required to prepare (cut and chop) soft fruits. With the help of Mrs Sheares, the fruit and some yoghurt were blended into a smooth puree. All that was left now was to pour the mixture into our edible chocolate cups. 




This did not quite go to plan! The cups set wonderfully but the chocolate melted in their hand when trying to remove them from the mold.

From their teachers' perspective, this was a great learning opportunity as it allowed the children to exercise their problem solving skills and think about future improvements; a cornerstone of design and technology.