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Focus Provision

Sunshine Room Focus Provision


For both English Reading and Writing each child from Sunshine Room follows their own individual planning taken from their P Level targets. We promote independence as much as possible but adapt work tasks to suit their needs.

Rather than following a set phonics programme we work on single sounds first then focus on high frequency word recognition especially words that will have meaning to the child and help with life skills and independence. If needed we support with symbols.

We have opportunities for children to read or hear stories being read on a daily basis. We often have themes based around particular stories and this Spring Term we have focussed on New Life, Easter and Mother’s Day stories.



Depending on individual ability we either follow the Numicon programme, which is step by step approach heavily visually supported or we follow curriculum level maths but adapted to suit individual needs, both allow the children to work out maths questions in a practical way.

This term we have focussed on Maths Using and applying; including adding, using number lines, counting, number bonds and odd one out.


Creative Curriculum

Our Creative Curriculum covers Science, Knowledge and understanding of the world, PSED, Art and Design and life skills based around a particular theme.

We try and access the local community as much as possible including visits to local fire station when our topic was transport, we went shopping following our lists when we looked at money topic, a chance to apply our learnt life skills.


This term our Topic is: New Life.

For our Science area we are looking at

· Life cycles of frogs, chickens and butterflies, weather changes and temperatures.

· Cooking nice treats including melting chocolate, decorating eggs and peppermint creams.

· Planting seeds and watching them grow and taking care of them.


For our PSED area we will be focussing on school rules and expectations including kind hands, sharing and emotions linking in Mother’s day, Easter and Spring when we give gifts to our loved ones.

During our Art and Design sessions we will work in small groups to complete a large collage display as well as designing and making Easter baskets.