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Governing Body


Governor Name  Type of Governor Date of Appointment Term of Office End Date Appointing Body Chair (CH) /Vice Chair (VC) Committee Chair Finance & Staffing Committee Member Pupil & Curriculum Committee Member Behaviour & Safety Committee Member Pay Committee Member Connections to Staff (Yes or No)       If Yes, who & how Other School Governor Posts held.                 Name of School & type of Governor Business Interests declared. (Yes / No)   If yes please state Attendance 2017/18                 Meetings attended/ meetings called
Robert Beasley COP 26/03/2015 25/03/2019 Governing Body     x       No No No 8/8
Sammy Broomhall PAR 16/03/2016 15/03/2020 Parents       x x   No No No 10/11
Simon Cains COP 26/03/2015 25/03/2019 Governing Body     x x x   No No No 14/14
Jeanette Crump COP 23/03/2016 22/03/2020 Governing Body VC Finance & Staffing/ Pay  x x   x No No No 11/12
Carl Dixon PAR 16/03/2016 15/03/2020 Parents   Behaviour & Safety x   x   No No No 4/11
Hayley Edwards STA 19/09/2017 18/09/2021 Staff       x x   No No No 4/10
Andrew Knight COP 26/03/2015 25/03/2019 Governing Body     x       No No No 7/8
Stephen Parkes PAR 16/03/2016 15/03/2020 Parents   Pupil & Curriculum   x     No No No 7/7
Kathy Ross LA 20/01/2016 19/01/2020 LA CH   x x   x No No No 12/12
Charlotte Slattery PAR 16/03/2018 15/03/2022 Parents       x x         4/4
Clare Sturmey Head Teacher N/A N/A N/A     x x x x No No No 15/15
Robert Wilkinson Jones COP 26/03/2015 25/03/2019 Governing Body     x   x x No No No 7/12



Safeguarding/ Child Protection Governor 

Looked After Children

Mr Andrew Knight**

SEND Governor

Mr Robert Beasley

Health & Safety Governor

Mrs Hayley Edwards

Safer recruitment governor

Mr Robert Wilkinson-Jones

Mrs Clare Sturmey

Appraisal Governors

Mr Robert Wilkinson-Jones

Mrs Kathy Ross

Mr Andrew Knight


All governors to attend in rotation

Foundation Stage Governor

Mrs Kathy Ross

Core & Basic Skill management team

Mrs Sammy Broomhall

Skills, Opportunities & Creative Curriculum management team

Mr Robert Wilkinson-Jones

Pupil Premium

Mr Stephen Parkes

Sports Premium

Mr Stephen Parkes

Attendance Governor

Mrs Jeanette Crump

Focus Provision

Mr Andy Knight


We hold full governing body (FGB) meetings once each term and we also have 4 committees which meet once each term

  • Finance and Staffing (F&S)
  • Premises, Health & Safety (PH&S)
  • Behaviour and Safety (B&S)

other committees include

  • HT Performance Management Committee
  • Complaints Committee
  • Pay Committee
  • Appeals Committee

Governor Meetings for academic year 2018/2019

Autumn 2018 Spring 2019 Summer 2019

Full FGB: 19th September 2018

F&S: 10th October 2018

PH&S: 7th November 2018

P&C: 7th November 2018

Full FGB: 5th December 2018

F&S: 16th January 2019

PH&S: 13th February 2019

P&C: 13th February 2019

F&S: 27th March 2019

Full FGB: 3rd April 2019

F&S: 12th June 2019

PH&S: 22nd May 2019

P&C: 22nd May 2019

Full FGB: 10th July 2019



Local Authority Governance Review January 2018

Governor Feedback Form

Complete nomination form and return to school by 16th March 2018