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Our Ethos

In Nursery, we make it our mission to ensure Nursery is a child centered environment in which children feel free and comfortable to explore, create and learn. Each week, we base some of our learning around a book to promote a love of reading and storytelling. Alongside this, we also try to follow the children's interests (wherever possible) as we believe that if a child's interests and ideas are valued, they are engaged and motivated to try new things, take risks and most importantly have fun! Any learning the children do will be linked to the 7 areas of learning from the EYFS curriculum, below is a short overview of these areas:


Personal, Emotional and Social Development:

When children enter Nursery, one of the first things they will do is begin to build relationships with other children and adults and begin to become familiar with daily routines and rules of the setting. The children will also develop social skills such as turn taking, sharing and how to play as part of a group. Our aim is to develop children's confidence and communication so they know what makes them and others special.


Communication and Language

Throughout the children's time at Nursery, they will be provided with endless opportunities to practise their speaking and listening skills through child initiated play and group activities. Children will have opportunities to speak in whole class, small groups and on a one-to-one basis. We encourage children to speak about their home lives, likes and dislikes, ideas and experiences.


Physical Development

Children will be supported in developing both their fine and gross motor skills. Our outdoor area is the prime place for children to develop their larger body movements through playing football, climbing on our climbing frame, riding bikes and digging in the sand pit. We also promote children's fine motor skills- every Friday the children do 'Dough Disco' to strengthen their finger muscles. We believe this is an important step towards learning to write.



One of our prime areas of Literacy is to promote a love of reading and we encourage this through our story based learning approach. This allows children to explore a range of books and to be able to tell and retell stories. In the children's second year of Nursery, they will begin to have phonics sessions in which the children will learn letters and sounds. These phonics sessions will continue in reception and will work towards children's reading and writing.



During our maths learning, children will begin to count and recognise numbers up to 10 and also begin to represent numbers in different ways. The children will also become familiar with different shapes and how to create patterns and pictures with these. The children take part in a short maths session (3 times a week) in which children will be taught a different mathematical skill in a variety of ways. During child initiated learning, we will provide resources in each area of the classroom to help children access and extend their maths learning.


Understanding the World

This area of learning allows children to understand more about the child's own world and the wider world around them. We encourage children to recognise similarities and differences between themselves and others and to talk about their families and routines. Children will also explore the natural world in our outdoor area, looking at how things grow, different seasons and going on nature walks. The children will also begin to develop their ICT skills through using computer programs and playing with BeeBots.


Expressive Arts and Design

In the Early Years, expressive arts occurs on a daily basis through the children's role play, whether this be through pretending to be knights fighting dragons or acting out the story of the Gruffalo. We encourage children to express themselves through a variety of medias such as role play, painting and drawing and dance. We provide the children with a wide range of artistic materials for children to bring their imagination to life. The children love to paint, create junk models and use play-doh.