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Below are some lovely examples of the work some of our children produced for VE (Victory in Europe) Day. Well done Reception class!

Evelyna's Marvellous Maths!
Evie's Handwriting Practise
Ezzmai's lovely writing
Minnie's lovely medal and writing
Piper's writing about her Great Grandad
Willow tried a war time Recipe!

Grace's lovely letter

Alicia's Rainbow
Evelyna's Card for her Nanny
Kavya practising phoincs - the 'ow' sound
Minnie's Jack and the Beanstalk story map
Piper's Pea Hotel
Piper's Story
Willow's Butterfly art and caterpillar
Evie-Mai sorted facts about mini beasts
Frankie's wonderful painting
Jovan is growing raddishes
Jovan's lovely tree painting
Minnie's fabulous shopping list
Piper's bug hotel that she made with her family
Piper's butterfly
Willow's rainbow flower
Esther's writing about her favourite mini beast