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Below are some lovely examples of the work some of our children produced for VE (Victory in Europe) Day. Well done Reception class!

Picture 1 Evelyna's Marvellous Maths!
Picture 2 Evie's Handwriting Practise
Picture 3 Ezzmai's lovely writing
Picture 4 Minnie's lovely medal and writing
Picture 5 Piper's writing about her Great Grandad
Picture 6 Willow tried a war time Recipe!

Grace's lovely letter

Grace's lovely letter 1
Picture 1 Alicia's Rainbow
Picture 2 Evelyna's Card for her Nanny
Picture 3 Kavya practising phoincs - the 'ow' sound
Picture 4 Minnie's Jack and the Beanstalk story map
Picture 5 Piper's Pea Hotel
Picture 6 Piper's Story
Picture 7 Willow's Butterfly art and caterpillar
Picture 1 Evie-Mai sorted facts about mini beasts
Picture 2 Frankie's wonderful painting
Picture 3 Jovan is growing raddishes
Picture 4 Jovan's lovely tree painting
Picture 5 Minnie's fabulous shopping list
Picture 6 Piper's bug hotel that she made with her family
Picture 7 Piper's butterfly
Picture 8 Willow's rainbow flower
Picture 9 Esther's writing about her favourite mini beast