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This page is designed to give parents some insight to the spelling expectations of Year 2.


Year 1 and Year 2 Common Exception Words. 


Here is a list of words the children are expected to spell correctly by the end of Year 2.

Y1 and Y2 Common Exception Words

Weekly Spellings:


On Mondays, your child is given a list of ten words all containing the chosen spelling pattern for that week. Please practise these spellings with your child for 10 minutes every night. 

The children are given a 'cold test on a Monday, and a 'hot test' on a Friday. This is to encourage positive learning behaviours and prove to the children that if you practise, you are going improve and get better. 

Week 1: /j/ spelt 'dge'
Week 2: /j/ spelt 'ge'
Week 3: /j/ spelt 'g'
Week 4: /s/ spelt 'c'
Week 5: /n/ spelt 'kn' or 'gn'
Week 6: Challenge words (a selection of the Common Excpetion Words from above)
Week 7: /r/ spelt 'wr'