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Focus Stories. 

Early Years planning at Grace Mary is based on children's current interests and linked to a focus story. The focus story is chosen by looking at what children's current interests are and what areas of learning we can cover. The focus story remains as a theme for as long as the children are interested in it. Take a look below to find out what the children have been up to... 


Our first focus story: Stickman - Week Beginning 10/09 


We took part in lots of exciting activities linked to the story 'Stickman'. We used this opportunity to speak about our own families and why they are important to us. We also spoke about how families are different and desgined our own family trees. The children became familiar with the story and practised ordering pictures in story sequence. Some children even attemted to create thier own stick man story maps and write familiar words from the story. We had lots of fun desgining our own stick men and women using sticks, googly eyes and play-doh! 










Supertato - Week Beginning 24/09 


This week we have chosen Supertato as our focus story, as it is always a popular choice at story time and children are currently interested in superheroes. The story outlines the adventures of a Super potato who saves his vegetable friends from an evil pea! The children were already very familiar with the story and enjoyed taking part in lots of exciting activities including making their own supertato's, rolling play-doh into balls to make evil peas and writing speech bubbles for supertato. 







Week beginning 1.10.18  - We are currently very interested in building dens. Take a look at what we made with a little help from Miss Hardman..... 






We are also continuing our Supertato theme as the children are still really interested in the story. We have made our own Supertato story map and used some lovely words to describe the characters... 




Reception Investigations.

Our reception children are naturally curious and love to explore. We aim to promote their curiosity by planning weekly investigations to build upon their existing skills and knowledge of the world around us. Take a look below to find out what we have been up to...


Week beginning 24/09 - We recieved a letter from the evil pea telling us that he had frozen lots of veggies. It was our job to free the veggies in the quickest way possible. We spoke about how we could melt the ice then  set about freeing the veggies! We found out that ice melts when its warm, and enjoyed pouring water over the ice to make it easier to break with the hammers. Next week we are planning to test ice cubes in trays of water and salt to find out how we can melt ice in the quickest way.