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Year 1

Home Learning: Picture of the Week Writing Task

Home Learning: Speed Sounds

Hello and welcome to Year 1!


I am Mr Hayward, the Year 1 teacher. Mrs Sheares and Mrs Clayton complete the Year 1 team. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask any one of us and we will do our best to help.



During our Geography lessons, we have been looking at the United Kingdom. We have found about each of the four countries and some interesting facts about them. Next we will be looking at the wonderful world in which we live. We will look at some environmental extremes experienced by the people who live at the poles and on the equator.


In Art we have just finished studying Henri Matisse and his collage work. Now we will be designing and making a wheel based vehicle. This will involve us looking at existing wheel based vehicles and applying the things we learn to create our own. 


In music, we are learning to sing as part of a whole group together and as parts within a piece. We are also listening to, and appraising a wide range of music giving us a greater opportunity to experience music from many genres and cultures.


In R.E.  we will be looking at the Easter story and how Christians feel and celebrate the festival. 


We will also be looking at online safety and basic computing skills.


Vipers (reading)

In our reading lessons, we are looking at Elmer. We are learning to retell the story using a story map. We have already looked at some of the vocabulary used in the book, we are inferring the characters feelings and making a prediction about the end of the book. Next we will be finding key information and then use this to write about a prequel extract and then to apply the skills learned to write about a previous story we have studied called 'Handa's Surprise'



Maths has been dominated by reading, writing and calculating with numbers up to twenty. We are becoming more familiar with the numerals and the numbers as words and we are now calculating through ten. Next we will be looking at worded questions to expand our skill set.


Keep an eye out for photographs of our learning, coming soon. 

World maths day investigation where we found the heaviest item in the school grounds and also two things that weigh the same.

National Poetry Day-On The Ning Nang Nong by Spike Milligan

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Today, as part of National Poetry Day, Year 1 learnt the poem 'On The Ning Nang Nong' by Spike Milligan. We found this nonsense poem very exciting and decided to perform this poem using our own actions just like Spike himself (inside, outside, high up, low down and even upside down)!

Maths Fluency Lessons


Today, within our maths fluency lessons, we counted numbers to one hundred and played a game involving spotting the missing numbers!

Spot the missing number game

Counting numbers to 100.



During our science lessons, we have been looking at what materials everyday objects are made from.Today, we classified and grouped these materials into materials, which are man-made and materials, which are natural.

Classifying and grouping our materials