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Grace Mary Primary School Safeguarding Team



       Designated Safeguarding Leaders (DSL)                                Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leaders                   


       Mrs C Sturmey                      Mrs L Smith                                       Mr S Cains.                         Mrs K Hawkes

        Headteacher           Wellbeing & Family Practitioner                Deputy Headteacher           Wellbeing & Family





                                                                                            Mrs L Willetts                               Miss N Duggan    

                                                                                         SENCo                                          SENCo    



If you have any safeguarding concerns please report

them to one of the Grace Mary DSL team as soon as possible.



Link to Sandwell Local Authority Safeguarding board -

(Out of school hours? contact Sandwell Safeguarding Team on 0121 569 3100)


Where Can Parents get advice?