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Sycamore (Year 6)

Hello everyone. Mr Cains and Miss Hughes will be the class teacher for the spring term, supporting your child through their learning journey.


Year 6 is a very exciting year, a year in which your child will embark on his/her final journey at Grace Mary. Both me and Miss Hughes are very much looking forward to supporting your child to achieve his/her very best and enjoy their last year.


This class page aims to share with you examples of children’s work, photos of the children immersed in their learning, guidance and documents that will support your understanding of what and how your child is learning in Year Six.


As well as this, you will also find lots of exciting class news, so please ensure you visit this class page regularly in order to keep up to date with the goings on in Year 6.


In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask either me or Miss Hughes and we will do our very best to help you. 


Mr Cains and Miss Hughes

Spring term

Curriculum Overview

Learning this term


This term, we will be studying the Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis. It tells the story of how a family in Afghanistan were affected by the Taliban regime. The children will learn about the context for the story as well as using it for inspiration for their writing.


We will also be studying Skellig by David Almond, which tells the story of the weird and wonderful creature Skellig and his relationship with a young boy called Michael.


These are two fantastic novels so be sure to ask the children about them.



We will be covering a range of topics from fractions and decimals through to geometry and statistics.


We always try to give our children the opportunity to apply what they have learned into problem solving activities, as you can see from the pictures below:

South Staffordshire Water visit

We received a visit from Miss Eden who talked about rivers and why they are important to us.


A very informative session.


Autumn term

Learning this term



Across school, we ensure reading is at the heart of everything we do. This term, we are studying several books. These books are listed below. We use these books during our reading sessions as well as in our English lessons, often basing some of our writing on these particular books. 



English Writing

We aim to prepare and equip our Year 6 children with the writing skills they need to become confident, independent writers, who are able to write effectively for a range of purposes and audiences. Through a balanced and broad curriculum, we provide regular opportunities for children to write from different perspectives and learn how to entertain the reader. 


Read some of our outstanding work below:

Diary writing from The Arrival



Children have been deepening their understanding of numbers to 10,000,000. Here, they are using place value discs to support understanding of place value.



We will be studying 20th Century Conflict with a particular focus on WW1 and WW2. We have made a great start on this already. Please watch some video clips from the website below if you want to find out more!


Please see below the knowledge organisers for humanities throughout Year 6, detailing the knowledge and concepts, your child will be covering in his/her lessons.

Children preparing for their debates on what reparations Germany should face at the 'Treaty of Versailles'

Knowledge Organisers for humanities


This term, your child will studied a biology unit- human circulatory system and a physics unit on light. All of the children seem very enthused by this unit, asking very in-depth questions and really enjoyed the exciting investigations we planned. 


Please see below the knowledge organisers for science throughout Year 6, detailing the knowledge and concepts, your child will be covering in his/her lessons.

Knowledge Organisers for science

School Nurse visit to talk about emotional health