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Breakfast & Afterschool Care

Breakfast & Afterschool Care


Wrap Around care is offered to Grace Mary Primary School pupils from Nursery age upwards. 


Parents who may need to use the afterschool service for their child who attends Grace Mary's Focus Provision, please arrange a meeting with the school Senco to discuss if this is an option.  Prices may vary depending on pupil's needs.



Miss Sturmey (Breakfast)

Mrs Sheares (Breakfast)

Mrs Garcha (Breakfast)


Mrs Eggleton (After School)

Miss Crumpton (After School)


Times and Prices (Prices correct as November 2023)


Session 1

Breakfast Club (from 7:45am) includes breakfast              £ 4.00


Session 2

After School Care (3:00pm – 4:00pm) includes snacks      £4.00


Session 3

After School Care (3:00pm – 5:00pm) includes snacks     £8.00


Other charges

A charge of £5.00 will be incurred from 3:05pm if you are late collecting your child at the end of the school day, this is due to an increase in adults required to ensure ratios are adhered to.


The school reserves the right to charge for another session for late pick up if it exceeds the collection time of 3.30pm.


Unfortunately, there will not be an opportunity to book your child into Afterschool Club on a day to day basis.



Payment is to be made in advance via, Parent Pay (by Friday noon each week). Parents should make sure their balance does not fall into arrears. The club reserves the right to withdraw the service if payments are consistently in arrears. If the payment has not been made your child will need to be picked up at 3pm.


In line with other external childcare providers, children have regular, permanent spaces on set days at our club for the duration of their schooling or until the parent decides they no longer require these spaces. The sessions must be paid for to hold the child’s place if they do not attend. You will be charged for non-attended sessions which your child normally attends. However, where a child is absent from school that day for illness or has a medical appointment (proof required), we will not charge.


We are unable to hold spaces for your children to attend extra-curricular clubs instead. If your child wishes to attend an extra –curricular club they are welcome to but the After School Club space must be paid for to hold their space. As our club works on the basis of permanent spaces, we are unable to fill these on a short-term basis.


We understand that emergencies may crop up through the day, and parents may run late. We will accommodate parents/carers as much as possible but you may occur £5.00 charge.


Nursery Wraparound (3 hour session)


For pupils on role at Grace Mary Primary School, if you wish to top up your child's hours from 3 hours to 'all day provision' in the school nursery the following prices apply:


Option 1

With school lunch: £17.50 daily or £87.50 per week


Option 2

With packed lunch from home: £15.00 daily or £75.00 per week


Invoices will be sent at the end of every week and payment must be made through 'Parent Pay'.


Nursery Wraparound (Charges for pupils who receive 30 hours funding)


Option 1

With school lunch: £4.50 daily or £22.50 per week


Option 2

With packed lunch from home: £2.50 daily or £12.50 per week


Invoices will be sent at the end of every month and payment must be made through 'Parent Pay'.



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