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Year 6

Home Learning: Picture of the Week Writing Task

National Poetry Day


Today, children across school have celebrated National Poetry Day. Year 6 have spent their English lesson studying the poem Listeners by Walter de la Mare. The poem was challenging,containing lots of archaic language. Year 6 spent time listening to the poem, defining the archaic (old-fashioned English) language and analysing the poems meaning. The children then practised performing their poems and selecting appropriate atmospheric music and sound effects. We were very pleased with our performances-see below.

Year 6 analysing the poem in order to understand what the poem is about and define archaic (old-fashioned English) language


Over the next few weeks in science, Year 6 will be studying the circulatory system. We will be looking at the main blood vessels (capillaries, arteries and veins), their structure and their function . Using our newly acquired knowledge, we will soon be carrying out an investigation to see whether the lumen (tubular structure/opening) affects the way in which blood flows despite many differing factors. 



Over the next few weeks, Year 6 will be working hard on creating their own newspaper articles. This week the children have been acquiring the skills in order to write an effective newspaper. They have particularly enjoyed analysing  headlines and discussing the underlying meaning of puns and headlines that contain a play on words. As well as this, we have had the opportunity to interview a young girl called Yazmin (a young Syrian refugee)- the children really enjoyed this. We then used Yazmin's responses to the questions for quotes in their newspapers and also to inform reported speech. Keep an eye out for their published newspapers coming soon.