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Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs at Grace Mary


At Grace Mary Primary School, we aim to offer excellence and choice to all our children, whatever their ability or needs. We have high expectations of all our children. We aim to achieve this through the removal of barriers to learning and participation. We want all of our children to feel that they are a valued part of our school community. We respect the fact that children:


  • have different educational and behavioural needs and aspirations

  • require different strategies for learning

  • acquire, assimilate and communicate information at different rates

  • need a range of different teaching approaches and experiences


Therefore we adapt the provision as necessary to ensure that individual needs are met.  All children at Grace Mary Primary School, regardless of their need, receive Quality First Teaching. This means:


  • That the teacher has the highest possible expectations for your child and all pupils in their class.

  • That all teaching is based on building on what your child already knows, can do and can understand.

  • Different ways of teaching are in place so that your child is fully involved in learning in class. This may involve things like more practical learning.

  • Your child’s teacher will have carefully checked on your child’s progress and will have decided that your child has a gap in their learning/understanding and needs some extra support to help them make the best possible progress.


However we recognize that each child is unique and so, each child will receive different support, depending on their specific needs. The Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinators (SENCOs) and class teacher will decide which strategies and resources are appropriate to support your child’s needs. Where outside agencies are involved, they will provide advice about how best to support your child’s needs.



The links below are intended to give you information regarding the ways we ensure we support all of our pupils in order that they can reach their full potential.

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