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Year 2

Picture 1 The children unearthed an old, wooden box.
Picture 2 The box was inscribed...1666!
Our 'Super Start' to the topic was an eventful one...I mean, locating a time capsule crammed with objects from the 'Great Fire', how lucky were we? 
Picture 1 This is what we found...all fire related!
Picture 2 Wednesday can mean only 1 thing...GFOL craft :)
We have really enjoyed the start to our topic this term. The children adore discussing events of the 'Great Fire of London' and have looked forward to creating their very own Pudding Lane in Art this week (pictures to follow).

Pudding Lane construction

Great Fire of London - Pudding Lane models

Great Fire of London - Pudding Lane models 1

National Poetry Day 2019

National Poetry Day 2019 1 We are so impressed with Year 2's presentation

Great Fire of London Knowledge Organiser Summer 2019