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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!


Staff 2018-19


Head Teacher: Mrs Sturmey

Deputy Head Teacher: Mr Cains

Assistant Head Teachers: Mr Toone and Mrs Frost


Safeguarding Team

Designated Safeguarding Leaders: Mrs Sturmey and Mrs Smith

Deputy Safeguarding Leaders: Mrs Hawkes, Mrs Willetts, Miss Duggan

Attendance: Mrs Hawkes


SEND and Wellbeing Team

Sencos & Team Managers 

Miss Duggan, Mrs Willetts 


Complex Communication & Autism Disorder: Mrs Edwards

School Community Wellbeing Hub: Mrs Smith, Mrs Hawkes


Speech & Language: Mrs Holoczwak

Reception Rainbows: Mrs Smith, Mrs Unitt

SEND KS2 teacher: Mrs Parkes

Focus Provision Support Staff:  Mr Beasley, Mrs Wallace, Mrs Key, Miss Potts, Miss Collins

Behaviour: Mrs Unitt, Mrs Hawkes, Mrs Smith


Phase One

Phase Leader: Miss Kleanthous


Nursery:     Miss Nott

Reception: Miss Hardman

Year One:   Miss Kleanthous

Support Staff 

Mrs Purcell, Mrs Clayton, Miss Twist, Miss McAviney,

Phonics & Maths Surgeries: Mrs Oliarnyk and Mrs Sheares


Phase Two

Phase Leader: Mr Toone


Year Two:    Miss Hughes

Year Three: Mrs Smalley

Year Four:   Mr Hamblet

Support Staff

Mrs Doswell, Mrs Haywood, Mrs A Parkes,


Phase Three

Phase Leader: Mrs Frost


Year Five: Miss Aheer

Year Six:  Mrs Frost 

Year Six:  Mr Toone

Support Staff  

Mrs J Parkes,  Mr Westwood, Mrs Akhtar

Miss Hipkiss, Mrs McDermid, Miss Garner


Forest School

Miss Garner

Mr Beasley

Mr Hamblet


Office Staff

Office Manager: Mrs Maddick

Finance: Mrs Woodhouse

Secretary: Mrs Howen


Site Manager

Mr Haycock