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N.S.M.W National School Meals Week 7th - 11th November 2022

During this half term our kitchen will be undertaking some exciting themed events that we hope children will enjoy and will help to promote school meals. 


Monday 7th November - Go Green lunch.

On Monday, the kitchen will be promoting the benefits of having a plant based meal.


Wednesday 9th November -  Our Local Lunch.

On Wednesday the kitchen will be serving a roast dinner, showcasing the best of local British produce.


SIPS Catering, who run our kitchen, have made a commitment to 'making a difference’, and supporting SIPS' 'Net Zero' Pledge which was signed up to in Spring 2021. SIPS is one of the first not-for-profit organisations locally to do so. The pledge is administered by Sustainability West Midlands, committing organisations to reducing both their carbon emissions and their environmental impact. 


Unit Supervisors have specifically pledged to reduce their energy usage in the kitchens; a poster demonstrating what these pledges are is displayed here and in the kitchen.